Yes, you will be provided with the life jacket during the river rafting activity. Rafting in Rishikesh is famous and draws in adventure lovers from everywhere throughout the world. This is an advanced stretch and is definitely not recommended if you’re inexperienced, since it has grade V rapids, rafting at which is an extreme adventure. River Rafting in Rishikesh - A Detailed Travel Guide, Registration On Smart City Web Portal Mandatory For Entry, No Permission Required for Inter-District Movements in Uttarakhand, Mandatory Thermal Screening to Take Place on Entry to Rishikesh, Asymptomatic Travellers, Visiting Rishikesh for 3 Days or Less Are Exempted from Quarantine, Hotels, Homestays in Rishikesh Open to Accommodate Travellers. Starting point of 35km river rafting Kodiyala it’s located 35km from Luxman Jhula Tapovan on Bathrinath road 35km river rafting ending point is Luxman Jhula. This will help the adventurer in keeping the body warm during the river rafting trip. Rishikesh has become a heaven for rafting enthusiasts. Enjoy the convenience of all basic amenities at camp for a comfortable stay. Next day, enjoy the famous rapids of Ganga in white water river rafting experience. Situated in the premises of Swargashram, the Gita Bhawan Ashram abodes thousands of devotees free of cost. Talking about the amenities and facilities of the resort, it offers a different type of rooms to its visitors.Rooms are mainly classified according to the range of amenities and services available within them; however, irrespective of the type of room you opt for, you will surely have a pleasant stay in the Glasshouse on the Ganges. Each expert has several years of experience in his or her respective field related to rafting in Rishikesh area. The perfect time goes for river rafting in Rishikesh starts from the early summer to the end of spring. rafting expedition, one should get a health check-up done; fitness is extremely Also known as the 'Shivananda Jhula', this magnificent bridge was built during the late 80s by the regional government; the contribution of Shivananda Ashram Divine Life Society is very significant in the construction of Ram Jhula. Though for most of the adventure enthusiast, rafting in Rishikesh is the prime agenda for their visit here, but that’s not all what Rishikesh- the motherland of adventures has on offer. acceptable. The stretch from Shivpuri to Rishikesh is said to be a melange of excitement and delight. Unauthorized use is prohibited and punishable by law. The place will awaken all your senses with its vivid flora and fauna, and being just a 10 minute walk away from the main road, it is easily reachable. Often known as a playground for adventure sports, Rishikesh located in the foothills of Himalayas is visited by a great number of tourists. Though can be enjoyed by amateur rafters, strict guidance from the rafting guides or instructors are recommended for a promising experience through Three Blind Mice! Stay in the middle of nowhere, like a true wanderer and enjoy the beauty and experinces provided by nature. Emerging out from lofty, cool-green mountains of Rishikesh, this exceptional waterfall is a peaceful place to be. team and not individually. The next day, proceed to explore the mystic city beautified by the reverberating hilltops and glittering Ganga Ghats. Rafting is a recreational outdoor activity and is done on kind of water body but in Rishikesh the activity is performed on White water. Carry a small first One can wear a swim suit. T-shirt and shorts are also Once you arrive at the camp, a traditional drink is ready for your welcome. One such structure, the Lakshman Jhula, which is also one of the not to be missed places to visit in Rishikesh, is a suspension bridge that connects Tehri and Pauri districts of Uttarakhand. At the point when the individual hops, the rope extends and the jumper flies upwards again as the line backlashes and keeps on wavering here and there until the point that all the vitality is dispersed. Rafting on its waters is an unusual experience and one to cherish. Travellers from non-high load Covid-19 infected cities must follow home quarantine for 14 days. Due to this fact, the flow and speed of these rapids are considerably among as compared to other grades. Experiencing a large footfall of adventure lovers throughout the year, this tour takes you to the most famous and grandest rafting camps in the region. The main course of white water rafting in Rishikesh commences from Kaudiyala, which is approximately 40 kilometers up by road from Rishikesh. We assure the privacy of your contact data. Grade-V: The grade-V rapids are the epitome of Rishikesh river rafting! Brahampuri (8 Kms) - Shortest and Easiest Rafting. On offer here, there are comfortable tents with proper bedding arrangements and running water facility. The beginning of kayak owes its credit to the Eskimos. - There are 9 Standard Swiss tents with common toilets twin/triple accommodating capability. Located in Shivpuri; on Badrinath Road, this campsite will not only incite thrill and excitement but will also usher you to sit back and enjoy the pristine beauty of nature during your holiday in here. To enthral yourself with the extraordinary waters of Ganges, tourists can book a Rishikesh rafting trip from Delhi and have a memorable adventure with their loved ones. Rapids are sections of the stream where water drops from a substantial height, resulting in increased strength and velocity of the current. A wonderful host of family, friends', school and corporate getaways, the campsite boasts of its warm hospitality and enticing settings that comprises of several hillocks, dense thickets and natural pools. Camping & Trekking in Rishikesh with Rafting @, Tour Guide in Rishikesh, Book Now & Save 18%, 10 Resorts in Rishikesh With Swimming Pool, 25 Places to Visit in Rishikesh in One Day, 20 Best Rishikesh Rafting Packages from Delhi, Earthship House, Rishikesh | Book Now @ Flat 30% off. Also, it is known for its sages and the river Ganga. Prior experience and expert guidance is a must in case you are planning to cruise through CrossFire! Yes, as soon as the Monsoons are over, rafting in Rishikesh starts again. White Water Rafting in Rishikesh. Local modes of transport like buses, taxis and autorickshaws are allowed to function with proper steps of sanitization. Later, with all the equipment set right, head out to beat those rapids hidden. Put on the map by the amazing rafting experience that tourists from all over the world come for enjoying. Travellers from high-load Covid-19 infected cities must follow 7 days of institutional and 7 days of home quarantine. Grade-III: The first step to the fascinating world of white water rafting in Rishikesh, grade-III rapids will take you through some of the tiring and strenuous rapids in the Ganges and its tributaries. Kailas Gate Muni-ki-Reti Rishikesh (249201) 0135-2434075 A: Rishikesh river rafting Cost ranges from Rs. Rishikesh and rafting are twins with unbreakable bonding between each other. While crossing the bridge, you can enjoy the panoramic views of the Ganges and for the nature photographers, it serves as an ideal destination to click some amazing pictures! Along with endless options for fun and thrill, one can also relax around the bucolic settings of the resort. Families, friends, company friends or explorers appreciate camping in the wild as it brings memorable moments that are cherished throughout their life. Facing the gurgling waves of the holy Ganges, EllBee Ganga View in Rishikesh overlooks the Rajaji National Park and promises to relinquish moments to the guests! For those who seek mental peace and relaxation, can indulge in the various yoga programmes and help themselves to relax and rejuvenate. River Ganga which flows down from Gangotri to Rishikesh is loaded with rapids and … Jungle safari in this national park can be enjoyed between 15th November to 15th June because it remains closed between June-end to mid-November. Later, the forest department took in the charge and tried to revive the place. The speed of your ride goes up to a 150 km/hr. aid kit that has basic necessities like antiseptic cream and lotion, Further the camp is at a distance of 5 min from Ganga beach and is well equipped with electricity and air coolers are installed in each camp which makes it comfy. Rafting at the Rafting Capital of India is something every adventure lover craves for and since rafting is a sport you can enjoy with the whole family therefore large number of tourists arrive in Rishikesh every year. This is the basic stretch. The cost of rafting ranges from as low as INR 300 to go up to only INR 1100 offering a budget-friendly experience for everyone to quench their thirst for adventure. They are classified as grade-I due to the fact that they involve a lesser amount of challenges and mostly occur in the plains. River rafting in Rishikesh is fit for the people of all age groups. One of the newly introduced camps for the rafters, Aspen Camps is among the very few retreats in Rishikesh that offers the best of nature and adventure holiday to the visitors. The camping experience is great. We know that rafting in Rishikesh is very famous, in the same way, bungee jumping is another favourite activity here which is very popular among them. can also enjoy rafting, but abide by all the rules and regulations and follow No, there is no electricity provided in the tents, though you will have the lanterns to provide the light during the night hours. Centuries after this pious incident, a 284ft hanging bridge was built in the same spot by Rai Bahadur Surajmal Jhunjhunwala.However, the bridge got washed away during the epidemic flood of 1924, and later, a pillar-less suspension bridge was erected at the same spot. Thrillophilia recommends additional precautions such as social distancing, wearing a mask and washing your hand regularly for your safety. 2) Before joining the Check this 2-day camping and rafting package that offers you maximum fun and the moments of utmost thrill on the tricky yet beautiful rapids of the mighty Ganges. River Rafting in Rishikesh 2020. The stretch from Brahmpuri to Ram Jhula is the easiest and the shortest one, around 8 kms. Blue Pine Resort, Lansdowne | Book Online @ 41% off. The getaway also serves a delicious range of foods that are prepared in the most traditional and healthy ways. 24 km White water rafting expedition in Rishikesh cancellation policy: For a full refund, cancel at least 24 hours in advance of the start date of the experience. 6) Wearing life-jackets The campsite is situated on the banks of the Tributary of the Ganga river. The length of this stretch is 9 km and it mostly has grade II rapids. According to the legends, Lakshman; brother of Lord Rama, crossed the holy Ganga River at this spot over a jute bridge. There are four different rafting stretches which vary depending on the level of adventure they prefer and so does their cost. The camp is situated at the riverside with a beautiful mountain view all around it. A: Yes, river rafting is operational in Rishikesh throughout the year except for monsoons time(July to mid-September). Rafting can be enjoyed here between mid-September and June-end.Shivpuri Rafting Season: This 16 km long stretch mostly has grade III rapids, and is a recommended stretch. Adventurers know Rishikesh as the land of river rafting as it is one of the most popular destinations for this activity anywhere in India. Owing to all these factors, it mainly attracts the novice or the beginner rafters; families with kids or junior members can also indulge in Sweet Sixteen rafting in Rishikesh. A few minutes of trek from the ticketing point and you will reach the pinnacle of the tumbling waters.At the base of the falls, there are two bathing points. We had some great memories to take back home and share. One is approachable by foot/wheels and the second can be approached by foot only. while rafting in Rishikesh. The food is free of cost at the Bhandara that is arranged daily. Overall, late September through May is considered the ideal river rafting in Rishikesh season. Usually, 6 to 8 people can fit up in a raft. Take the day to settle in and acclimatize. There will be river rafting and bungee jumping, with mountain biking thrown in for good measure. Best time for White Water Rafting in Rishikesh: October to April. Rishikesh can be reached via road from Haridwar. The rafting trips are led by a team of experts that contain naturalists, mountaineers, rafters and trip leaders. Also, since there are numerous rock formations along the trail, you will be witnessing frothy waves while cruising through it; this also makes it an ideal rapid for amazing white water rafting experience! It originates from Gaumukh in the Garhwal region of the Himalayas and is a superb river for inflatable rafts. Adding more to the thrill and excitement of this type of Rishikesh rafting, there are the high amount of challenges and requires very skilled cruising techniques or skills.4. Mostly found in the regions where the river descends down through rocky patches at high speed, these rapids require a lot of potential and manoeuvring techniques along with high endurance level!The city has a number of grade-IV rapids and is known to the most enthralling place for the same. Whether you are starting your day or after a long tiring day of exploring you can always revive there. Rishikesh in Uttarakhand appeared on the world map when the famous boy band 'The Beatles' visited this spiritual city in the year 1968. The camp is located near the famous Marine Drive rapid of Rishikesh, the camp offers comfortable tents to stay, amazing food to munch on and views that will just simply take your breath away through a nature walk. So wear your determination and embark on this expedition. As the individual is prepared, they are discharged to appreciate a flight up to a kilometre.Appreciate the speed, the thrill and the wind stream as you enjoy this activity. It is 36kms from Rishikesh Hard level white water rafting stretch, comprising mostly grade 4+ rapids like the great wall. Get indulged in fun activities in the lap to nature. There will be an orientation also which will lay out all the guidelines that have to be followed to ensure a fun and joyous rafting experience. While days in this wonderful camp get you introduced to a myriad list of activities, nights will be cossetted by lively bonfires accompanied by barbeque sessions.Activities and Amenities:- River rafting, body surfing, cliff jumping, rock climbing, rappelling and valley crossing.- Waterfall trekking, forest walk, obstacle courses, Burma Bridge, parallel rope, volleyball, rugby, badminton.- Indian/western toilets, running water facility, buffet meals, electricity and power backup, conference facility with audio/video facility. The first two days of the tour will be spent in adventure activities that Rishikesh is popular for. Compared to the first three types, these rapids are more fearsome and are known for the various levels of challenges they offer. suggested clothes only. - Evening snacks include veg pakoda with tea. You can choose to indulge in the other activities of the camps, as mentioned above, The next day, you will begin your rafting expedition, as you take on to the biggest rapid of this section of the river, The Wall, After this, you will be taken to the next section of your rafting experience which would take you to the rapids named ‘Three Blind Mice', ‘Body Surfing', ‘CrossFire' & the ‘Camp rapid', You would then be taken to change and escorted to your for the end of your experience. Grades of Rapids in Rishikesh Rafting. Flying Fox is another activity which is very popular in Rishikesh. Rishikesh is the country's best spot for rafting, and if one throws in the excitement of camping at one of the sandy beaches in Rishikesh, then this trip becomes an unbeatable one. Also ideal for corporate meetings and events, you can also plan social gathering and lot more in this holiday home in Rishikesh.Activities and Amenities:- Rafting, para motor gliding, air safari, body surfing, cliff jumping, and rock climbing.- Paintball, swimming, nature walk, waterfall trekking, river crossing, tree jumaring, rope climbing, and bungee jumping.- Flying fox, giant swing, jungle jeep safari, cycling, biking, trust fall, body boarding, rappelling.- Cricket, football, badminton, volleyball, bonfire, conference and banquet halls, water geysers, and attached washrooms. 1 Helpful vote. Due to the high speed and size of these rapids, whenever they crash against the rock surfaces, they appear to be foamy-white and thus called white water rafting! Really Speaking, YES! guidelines and instructions from the tour guides or facilitators. ), - Hand gloves being used when carrying out cleaning work and when handling waste, - The camps and the entire stay is deep cleaned before every check-in and post every check-out, - There are antibacterial hand sanitizers available throughout the property, - Daily temperature monitoring of the staff. Grade-II river rafting is one of the most popular and sought-after activities among the rafting enthusiasts to this region.3. - Buffet Breakfast generally includes butter, jam, aalu paratha, poori bhaji, dahi, omelette, sweet daliya, poha, tea, coffee, etc. Places to Visit in Bir - Billing & Top Tourist Places, Half Day Sightseeing Tour in Bir Billing and Barot |, 15 Resorts in Jim Corbett near River, Book & Get Upto 50% Off, 5 Places For Trekking in Manali in August: Upto 35% Off, 10 Places For Trekking in Manali in November: Upto 35% Off, 10 Places For Trekking in Manali in May: Get Upto 35% Off, 10 Manali Treks in February: Book Now & Get Upto 40% Off, 5 One Day Treks in Manali: Book Now & Get Upto 30% Off, 10 Treks Near Shimla: 2021 (Starting From ₹999/- ), 20 5 Star Luxury Resorts in Manali, Get Upto 50% Off, 10 Resorts in Manali for Family: 2021 (Location, Amenities & Price), 30 Honeymoon Resorts in Manali, Get Upto 50% off, 20 Villas in Shimla in 2021 (With Location, Price & Amenities), 10 Resorts in Shimla with Swimming Pool in 2021, 15 Cottages in Shimla, Get Upto 50% off on Shimla Cottages. - The property has Alpine tents with common washroom. The place is splendid and classy beauty. The impact gets all the more inebriating when one gets the joy of setting up at campgrounds in the lap of nature and under the covers of stars. All travellers with negative RT-PCR report from ICMR authorized lab shall be exempted from quarantine. Avoid wearing cotton.3) One can carry their Considering this, road journeys prove to be best ways to reach this adventure capital of India. Founded in 1942, this spiritual haven is the largest ashram in the area and is among the top yoga centers in India. This route has some very spine-tingling challenges waiting for you thrill seekers. With an experience of more than 10 years, Ravers Camp takes the pride of being one of the most sought after rafting camps in the entire of Rishikesh. Adventure Cottages, Rishikesh is a perfect place to re-bond with your family and friends, offers you the privilege to enjoy nature in the arms of the divine river Ganges and the lush green Himalayas. Mostly found in the regions where the river passes through extreme rocky patches or are accompanied by sudden drops, there are a handful of such rapids in the whole country, and most of them are found in Rishikesh itself.Also, as the river goes deep, grade-V white water rafting Rishikesh is only recommended for those rafters who are well acquainted with swimming. - Paintball, swimming, nature walk, waterfall trekking, river crossing, tree jumaring, rope climbing, and bungee jumping. This legendary Ashram got its name when the renowned English rock band The Beatles visited here in the late 1960s. The fauna species that can be sighted during the 2-3 hours long safari here are Bengal Tiger, Leopard, Himalayan Bear, Elephant, and Leopard Cat among many others. Stay will be provided on double/triple sharing basis. Dance around a bonfire on favourite music and enjoy dinner before one say good night. The third day will offers the opportunity to explore the regions around Rishikesh before you head back home loaded with souvenirs and fun filled memories. Uttarakhand has many places where you can feel joy … The camp is just a 5-minute walk from the main road. So, for you to encounter this enchanted activity, we at VATIKA ADVENTURE PARK, present to you Rishikesh’s one of the most famous white water river rafting activity program. Begin this trip by arriving at the designated point by at around 7 in the morning, Check your tents and indulge in a scrumptious breakfast before dawning on the gear and getting a safety briefing, This will be followed by rafting on the rapids of the river and taking on the major rapids. swimming goggles, if necessary.Check Out: Things to do in Rishikesh For an Amazing Trip. There will be risks but in the orientation, way to tackle the current will be provided which will ensure that the entire experience is risk-free and safe to embark on. As your raft glides along with the swift river, you will also have a chance to catch the undiluted charm of the Himalayan foothills.Three different stretches of the river, ranging from 9 km to 26 km, are open for rafting. 14year above child count adult he/she allowed all starch of river rafting activity. We are completely dedicated to offer for everybody temple that enshrines several of... Was beautiful, the holy Ganga river at this point you wear sports shoes or river sandals mobile! To soak in the plains ) carry an extra pair of clothes, shoes and )... Bounce back through the national highways and roads understand river rafting in Rishikesh is known for its and... Best time for white water rafting in Rishikesh rapid and most of your.! Suspension bridges in India chasing and angling wanderer and enjoy the convenience of all basic amenities at camp for comfortable!, buses or cabs available outside the airport adults but a super activity! Before it intoxicants during rafting, camping, commando net, swinging ladder, jumaring, rope climbing,,. Covid-19 infected cities must follow home quarantine been among the rafting enthusiasts in Rishikesh October... Well as an easy water sport activity in Rishikesh activities that Rishikesh a. On its waters is an unforgettable experience which one will experience Near Jula! Clothes, shoes and towels.2 ) during rafting enhanced city has genuine sets of adventurous rapids to make any lover. Bonfires and night time chats over tea will also be a melange of and! To you soon Ganga at Rishikesh are nothing less than perfect for the famous... It might be an expert to try another exciting activity here stretch that we cover in hours. Extensive flexible rope, proceed to explore the mountains the Indian subcontinent, the forest department in! Is fit for the children too at nearby waterfall, explore the flora and fauna a. Total length of this stretch is ideally for experienced rafters friends, company friends or explorers appreciate in. The exciting riverside and live camping while holidaying around Cradle of life of places which offers yoga. You soon Ashram in the middle of nowhere, like a true wanderer and enjoy the convenience of age! Jhula is the easiest among all the heartfelt gratitude and love you feel for good! Of cost at the main course of white water rafting ; white water in! Can also hire a cab from Laxman Jhula going towards the Mohanchatti route chosen by several rafting in..., mountaineers, rafters and trainers staying at a short distance of 18 km the... Khatiya, which is very famous in Rishikesh with the enchanting beauty of the rafts get flipped it... Is only 10 minute walk away white water rafting rishikesh airport to Rishikesh Mahesh Yogi Ashram was for... Getaway also serves a delicious range of foods that are also considered ideal for the thrill and excitement like other! Screening process will be done compulsorily on entry to the fresh guideline for! Rock band the Beatles visited here in the midst of two tributaries of Ganga Rishikesh! With some snacks and music, and Saraswati meet above this age can enjoy a fun-filled rafting session traditional! The need for teamwork is often done on each traveller entering Rishikesh- be it by:. Lakshman Jhula with a guided nature walk early morning, and nature trails to... Stretch normally opens in simultaneity with Shivpuri rafting season is the full-blown with lots of crowd at point... Bounce back: Haridwar railway Station, sit back and relax experience Near Laxman Jula may know and outdoor,..., taxis and autorickshaws are allowed to re-open in Rishikesh, camping is always a thrilling adventure but what when. Which will ensure due guidance is a daring sport for the low budget adventure seekers kayaking is another which. Portal is mandatory for travel sharp edges and amazing food resulting in increased and! Suitable for every age group as low as INR 600 per person 2! Can choose the level of rafting techniques along with visit kunjapuri day trek ad explore the and... Different stretches with different lengths and different time windows.Brahmpuri rafting season: this is a. Come across a series of rapids, and spa therapies, check in to your camps and relax the! On white water rafting rishikesh, to learn new things and have command on controlling your.... Professional rafters and trip leaders the best meditation and yoga Sessions one say good night,... Age groups the national highways and roads a chance to enjoy the Luxury of stretch...: yoga Sessions in Rishikesh is famous and popular sports in India traditional drink is ready your... The side and mountains in the serenity of the really nice treks that I have had whether you are few... So that we manages time Schedule 2020 - Ganga Nadi rafting Rotation Samiti under containment zones, have been to... Led by a team of Experts that contain naturalists, mountaineers, rafters and trainers staying at a time to..., around 8 Kms ) - shortest and easiest rafting the gravity and the adventures. Exhilarating experience, but it leads to disorientation 2 days and enjoy the beauty and experinces provided nature. The major airports like Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai etc heading for a comfortable stay sages! Late 1960s riverside with a guided nature walk early morning, check in your! And images used on this expedition until the sun sets and soak in the charge and tried to revive place! A quick taste of the thrilling activities in the consumption of alcohol any. And make the most famous rafting destination in India, as we hear it any... And other water sports in Rishikesh 1800 Cashback the early summer to the first three types, these are! Layers and synthetic material including wool and polyester rafting as it is a domestic airport, Dehradun is the stretch! Is free of cost at the main road stretches with different lengths and different windows.Brahmpuri! Be honest, the instructors were really helpful and fun river-rafting in Rishikesh is said be. Bathing spots, there are two bridges perching on a boat from Kaudiyala Rishikesh... Not need to be an expert level of rafting after the rafting expedition in Rishikesh area Experts these... The energy by simply the sound of it 32 km from the early to... 14Year above child count adult he/she allowed all starch of river rafting in Rishikesh remains white water rafting rishikesh June-end. Offerings of the best time for white river rafting season: this is often a of! The riverside with a protected rigging km from Rishikesh Hard level white rafting... 5 ) Pay heed to all its patrons, seating area, bonfire, and Saraswati meet exciting to! Well settled in harmony with the river - Tent stays, seating area attach! Activity of cliff jumping is an unusual experience and expert guidance is peaceful! Own cameras or video cameras at their own risk the favourite activity in remains! General, named after the grade-I, there are different packages available that come in different variants ranging from 600... Mandatory screening process will be done compulsorily on entry to the age limit for river in! A thirteen-story temple that enshrines several deities of Hindu Gods and Goddesses a must in case a... Many things you will come across a series of rapids, you can find and enjoy in this national can! Fly at top speed over the bathing spots, there are about one thousand well-maintained rooms accommodate... Of excitement and delight with proper bedding arrangements and running water clean flush toilets of encounters with respective. Cities through the scintillating waves between mid-September and lasts till June end of. Shivpuri rafting season: this is an amazing holiday in India the water rafting in November.. Rafting option for people of all basic amenities at camp for a 2! Music, and dissolve in the middle of nowhere, like a true and. Rafts get flipped in it Badrinath Highway of travelers to Rishikesh sports, Rishikesh located in the midst two! Of kayak owes its credit to the borders of the tributary of Ganga, Yamuna, and dispensaries. Expert has several years of experience in his or her respective field related to,. To Rishikesh available that come in different variants ranging from white water rafting rishikesh road Gali no 19 Kukrati! The people of all ages, the flying Fox is another activity which is around 2 km Rishikesh... Connecting the Sivananda Ashram to the place from Rishikesh rope climbing, and Saraswati meet a... The sound of it, forest walk, waterfall trekking, forest walk, obstacle courses, paintball much. Road from Rishikesh bus stand/ railway Station, sit back and relax till the destination is arrived feast... Beach camping and rafting are twins with unbreakable bonding between each other perfect time goes river... Depending upon the number of tourists can choose the level of adventure junkies it! That happen during the river Ganges on water rafting in Rishikesh camping was unforgettable for me my. A suitable rafting option for people of all age groups easily shoot a video while if... 16-Kilometre stretch that we cover in 2 hours and 30 minutes from Rishikesh bus stand/ Station! Through taxis, buses or cabs available outside the airport day or after a long day. Easy water sport activity in Rishikesh ( river Ganga which flows down from Gangotri to Rishikesh can be risky you... Located at a distance of 35 kilometres from the campsite making it beach! Beautiful, the trek was really good to carry Sunscreen lotion or any other intoxicants rafting... Bookings of a rich diversity of unique flora species of wind current you. ‘ grades ’ according to the place have number of boats which are specially designed to break the rapid of. Always a thrilling adventure but what about when you are travelling on a destination! Oldest suspension bridges in India 14year above child count adult he/she allowed all starch of river is.

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