while photographing the views and listening to the distant snow cracking and tumbling down the mountains across the lake. There is a washout along the Albert FSR at kilometer 45, and vehicle access is not possible beyond this point. The trail is well graded and the actual distance is short, and once reaching the top Floe Lake is just a few hundred meters further. There is a backcountry campground at the lake as well as a Warden's cabin staffed by Parks Canada. Our salesman told us the CargoMax was exactly what we wanted. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. dshargool 1 year, 2 months ago Rockwall: Day 3. jenny 1 year, 2 months ago Floe Lake (2019-09-01, 9:11:22AM) heathercharette 1 year, 2 months ago Floe Lake. #canada #floelake #kootenay #banff #bc #lake. Then there were 2 hills to go up. Floe Lake campground is the first destination. I hiked 22 grueling steps from the parking lot to take this photo. More North pictures Canadian Beaver chomping on … As the trees thinned out, the views opened up. Floe Lake Trail Difficult. From Floe Lake consider day hikes to Numa Pass and beyond. We could not have picked a better destination than Floe Lake and doing a loop is always fun. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Geology. Floe Lake Trail . Posted on January 8, 2015 January 8, 2015 Full size 4320 × 2432. 1. Once it flattened near Floe Lake, I realized snow up there was probably 2 m or could be deeper. Floe Peak is composed of limestone, a sedimentary rock laid down during the Precambrian to Jurassic periods and pushed east and over the top of younger rock during the Laramide orogeny. It is lightly trafficked and rated as moderate. Places picked by Brani. [2448 x 3264] lake trail. The Rockwall Trail is a multi-day trek that is sure to astound you. Rockwall Trail and Floe Lake Floe Lake and the Rockwall as viewed from Numa Pass. Finally, when the trail arrived at the Floe Lake Campground, I found a spur trail that led me down to a picnic area by the lakeshore. Source: i.imgur.com. Icefloe Lake is a 19.9 mile out and back trail located near Moose, Wyoming that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as difficult. The next morning, though still somewhat windy, brought us some welcome bursts of sunlight through the clouds. This is a moderate one way trail in Kootenay National Park. A moderate backpack along the southern end of the spectacular Rockwall Trail in the Canadian Rockies. NTS Map: 082N01This trail is a continuation of the Floe Lake Trail .Elevation loss - 150 m (490 ft).Waking early was very fortunate as a short walk to the lake revealed a magnificent scene. Floe Lake: One of the best back country campgrounds in Kootenay National Park! The Floe Lake Trail is 19.3 kilometer (12 mi) long, with 959 m (3,146 ft) of elevation gain. With the exception of the last couple of kilometres near Floe Lake, most of the trail travels through are burned in … Floe Lake is at approximately 2000 m, while the cliffs rise over 1200 m above the lake. Record your own itinerary from the Wikiloc app, upload the trail and share it with the community. [2160×1440] (OC) Keep track of current conditions on the Kootenay National Park Trail Condition Report.. The current signage and kiosk will be moved by parks staff in 2020 when the trailhead is accessible. Day 5 Floe Lake out to Highway 93 (Floe Lake Trailhead), 10.7 km, elevation loss 700 m. The last day is an easy one, with a quick descent down the trail to the Floe Lake Trailhead. This was our first backcountry camping trip in the Canadian Rockies. Update August 16, 2017—The trail to Floe Lake and the southern half of The Rockwall Trail have reopened. Day 4: Floe Lake Campground to Floe Lake Trailhead. 58 likes. Answer 1 of 4: We are fit, experienced hikers but sadly don't have time this trip to backpack the Rockwall Trail. The trail is well graded and the actual distance is short, however, and once reaching the top Floe Lake is just a few hundred meters further. Floe lake trail. It's neither … Floe Lake campground is wonderful and is located on the north side of Floe Lake; a warden campground lies just to the west of the campground. Most itineraries describe it as a four to five day adventure, and recommend starting with the trail into Floe Lake. Floe Lake is a lake in Kootenay National Park, British Columbia, Canada.The lake is only accessible by a 10.7km hiking Trail that leaves from a marked trailhead on highway 93. If backpacking, the first two campsites you encounter are by far the best. Trail Rankings #2 in Kootenay National Park #91 in British Columbia #10,714 Overall. Small, light, easy to move, and extremely durable. Day 1 Trail Head to Floe Lake, 10.5 km 720 m elevation gain, 5 hrs. A two-night trip to Floe Lake and the Rockwall in Kootenay Park, BC, with my 10-year old son. The trail switchbacks steeply, quickly losing most of the elevation you'd gained on the previous day. We needed a small utility trailer. Floe Lake. The second one was long and takes several switchbacks to go. Floe Lake, one of the beauty spots of Kootenay Park, is accessible via the Floe Lake Trail. The trail crosses Floe Creek just before it’s confluence with the Vermillion River, and then the trail switches back a couple times as it climbs the southern slopes of Numa Mountain. Floe Lake is in a lovely setting at the base of the Rockwall. The trail is primarily used for hiking, camping, and backpacking. The route covers 34 miles and winds through magnificent landscapes, including alpine passes, vast meadows, and ancient glaciers. Click through for more information on this beautiful hike (part of the Rockwall Trail) in the Canadian Rockies in British Columbia. The first hill was short but snow came in play. It's 13 miles round trip with 2,350 feet of elevation gain to Floe Lake camp or a 10-mile loop via Numa Creek. Floe Lake is a lake in Kootenay National Park, British Columbia, Canada. 10km. I would however love to see Floe Lake and the "classic" views of the peaks behind it. Floe Lake . Posted on November 27, 2020 by . Climate. There is a new trailhead location for Ralph Lake, please reference the trail report below for directions. After basking in the magnitude of the Rockwall reflecting in Floe Lake at breakfast, start your last day. We enjoyed a leisure breakfast (with lots of warm tea!) For multi-day hikers, there is a campground at the Floe Lake, so you can witness a sunrise or a sunset at the lake. Floe Lake is a lake in Kootenay National Park, British Columbia, Canada.The lake is only accessible by a 10.7 km hiking trail that leaves from a marked trailhead on highway 93.. Floe Lake and Numa Pass are part of the multi-day backpacking route between Marble Canyon and Vermillion Crossing in Kootenay National Park: the Rockwall. Camp, Helmet Falls Camp, Tumbling Creek Camp, Numa Creek Camp, and Floe Lake … Length: 21 km roundtrip Time: 7 hours Elevation Gain: 715 m. Perfect for an overnighter, this popular hike through old forest fire terrain brings you above treeline to a stunning lake beneath a rock wall escarpment with glaciers. What a difference. FLOE’s exclusive floor trussing system delivers maximum strength, excellent water drainage, and superior cleaning ability. [2448 x 3264]" Skip to content. Numa Creek to Floe Lake (10km, +790m, -300m, 4-5 hours) Floe Lake to Floe Lake Trailhead (10km, +30m, -730m, 3-4 hours) 4-Day Rockwall Trail Itinerary. If you don't have the time to complete the whole trail you can just go on a day trip to Floe lake. Raspberries can be found here, so can many bears, who are after the same sweet treat. The trail passed through a small wooded area, before heading up and out of tree line. Floe lake Hiking trail in Vermilion Crossing, British Columbia (Canada). Only 30 inutes from Lake Louise and Banff! The Verdant Creek wildfire has claimed another popular hiking area in Kootenay National Park with the closure of the Floe Lake trail and the Rockwall Trail south of Tumbling Pass. Floe Lake Trail. You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. baileyhighonlife 1 year, 2 months ago Floe Lake . Floe Lake looked majestic with its blue waters, icebergs and cliffs all around. Hike 10.7 kms up a steep and unrelenting trail from the parking lot through burned forest. This trail goes by Paint Pots, Ochre Spring, Helmet/Ochre Jct. Download its GPS track and follow the route on a map. Image credit: Christopher Fast/Wikimedia.org. Website. Floe Lake is the last stop on the much longer Rockwall Trail, another one of the greatest multi-day backpacking trips in the Canadian Rockies. The trail to Floe Lake in Kootenay National Park is a 21-km roundtrip hike to a stunning alpine lake with massive… Read More An interesting feature of this part of the trial is the burn from the 2003 fires … Floe Lake – Numa Creek Parking Lot, July 16, 2011. Ralph Lake Access/Washout. Floe Lake campground is wonderful and is located on the north side of Floe Lake; a warden campground lies just to the west of the campground. 5 Views Last Month 303 Since Sep 20, 2018 Difficult. Stay aware and make lots of noise. Once at the lake basin, the trail stayed in the forest for another quarter mile, staying in the trees to the north of the lake. Continue reading "Floe lake trail. Yosemite National Park, CA. The best photographs of places picked for you. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email (Address never made public) Name. Many people choose to hike the Rockwall Trail in four days. We stopped at a dealership to look at a different brand of aluminum trailers. This reduces the amount of food you have to carry, but does mean you have a really big day in the middle of the trip. The first 7.5 km was snow free and mainly flat.